This webpage is meant to inform individuals on the subject pertaining to marine Powercords. Discussed below are varying products and their advantages over competitors. Each product has detailed descriptions as well as links to assist in determining which may suit your specific needs.



Marinco 30 Amp 25' & 50 Amp 25' Powercord

Marinco helps you get the power you need with their high quality marine grade constructed Marinco power cord set and the ParkPower marine powercord plus. Made with watertight molded plugs and connector ends, these cables are capable of handling up to 30 or 50 amps, providing the power you need to stay comfortable. The Easy Lock system ensures an easier, more secure connection with the implementation of our threaded Easy Lock rings. You know when the connection is tight with the LED power indicator, It lights up to let you know when your connection is secure. Our design is more ergonomic, by contouring to your hand and allowing easy connection utilizing a thumbprint locator to identify ground blade location. Featured are incredibly flexible 10/3 and 6/4 25' cable.


Cargo Carrier 2

RV Marine Power Cord 40' 30 amp & 36' 50 amp with Marinco Hubbell Locking Connector

Suitable for both U.s. and Canadian martkets, due to UL and CSA approval, are the RV Marine Power cords with Hubbell Locking Connectors. The high quality power cords are constructed using 100% 6 guage and one 8 guage 100% copper wiring. These cables are capable of handling up to 30 or 50 amps and include varying lengths between 36-40 feet. Marinco's 30 and 50 amp locking connector features a twist-lock connector body and comes with a weather-proof boot with a threaded ring to ensure connection security and to protect against hazardous open electrical currents. Both the 30 and 50 amp are made universal for Marinco and Hubbel power inlets and are perfect for weather-proof applications.Hazardous no more, These power cords come equipped with specially designed plug heads that implement an integration of flanges which allow for a better grip while attempting to unplug from a power source.

Blue Ox

Marinco Easy Lock Inlet Standard 30 & 50 Amp

For quick and easy hook-up Marinco has designed an exclusive Easy Lock System. Simply connect the cordset to the inlet and with a quarter of a turn, the locking ring's tabs are secure within the inlet. Not only is cross threading eliminated by this action but so is the exposure to water or any other liquid, the results? A secure water-proof connection that ensures a consistent and constant power stream for all of your electrical needs. Also featured are lock locators which improve gripping during attachment.